Thursday, September 18, 2008


If anyone stumbles on this blog out in cyberspace, welcome... I plan to use this space to document changes in my home automation process. I also hope that this will help keep me motivated :). So, let me give you a brief intro before I start on my new projects...

The house server is a Windows XP box running Misterhouse. I absolutely love the flexibility of programming anything I want into Perl through Misterhouse, besides the obvious cost benefits.

- I have motion sensors in major rooms for occupancy detection and security.
- The house has X10 security sensors on the doors, barn, and garage for security and opening announcements.
- Most major lights are on X10 control.
- There is a very basic full house audio system consisting of two sets of amplified speakers for announcements and security.
- I currently have 1 wireless IP camera in the mix.
- The system notifies me of night-time motion, severe weather, calendar events, etc by audio and in some cases e-mail to my Blackberry.

All and all it is a pretty solid little system with still much work to be done.

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