Thursday, September 25, 2008

Updates and Ideas

I now have alert channels being pulled up. So far I have only done the weather related channels, next comes motion, etc. I ended up going with whole channels for each alert. Originally I had planned on one alert channel with separate widgets for each alert. That plan wasn't a great idea and this one gives me more flexibility anyway.

Next up, I think I have the concept in flash down pretty easy to call URLs so my Chumby can act as a simple one-way terminal to the house. However, I'm finding myself much more interested in setting up a persistent XML connection from flash to Misterhouse for temps, etc.


Noel said...

I also have a Chumby. I use PowerHome to control my Insteon, X-10 home automation. I would love to be able to use the Chumby as a touchscreen to interface with PowerHome to control home lighting. Any idea if this can be done?

Blaine said...

I have a Sony Dash and I am interested 8n your progress.